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About Us

Cuddle & Coo was created after one too many middle of the night sessions of wrestling an ill-fitting mattress protector and sheet onto my baby’s cot. I thought there must be an easier way to get this done and get baby resettled again as seamlessly as possible. The idea for an all in one cot sheet with built in mattress protector was born and with the help of a super talented mother in law (Pam) who has amazing sewing skills, we have created a beautiful range of nursery linen that not only looks fabulous in your nursery, but also protects your mattress from any nasty leaks or spills. We happen to think that the linen your little one will be spending hours of time on (fingers crossed) is a very important part of your nursery bundle. Baby needs to be warm and comfortable for a great rest and you get peace of mind that no matter what their bed time brings your mattress will be safe.
I am all about finding the simplest approach to a task and saving my time for the more important things in life, which for me are my husband and 3 beautiful children aged 5, 2 and 10 months. If it means only having to wash and change one sheet and less clutter in my linen press then it’s a clear win.
I personally adore hand made goods that aren't mass produced and supporting small Australian owned businesses.
Your Cuddle & Coo sheets are sewn by either myself or Pam, we have spent 2017 sampling and trialling various fabrics for our sheets and are ecstatic to be able to offer our range to you. You can feel confident they will give your baby a wonderful bedtime experience and create more time to Cuddle and Coo over your little one.
X Carla

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