Cuddle & Coo

Our Sheets

Our sheets are handmade in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and are an all in one solution for your nursery linen needs. We offer gorgeous designs with built in mattress protection.
While traditional mattress protectors only cover the top of your mattress (not sure if your baby missed the memo about leaks and fluids just staying on the top of the bed) our sheets encase both the top and sides to ensure any spills and leaks will not get through and damage your mattress.
There are 3 layers to our fitted sheet
All sheets are made from 100% cotton (no polyester blends) and the 100% waterproof fabric we use in our fitted sheet is made from TPU -Thermo Polyurethane. We want to ensure shrinkage is eliminated in our final product so all fabrics are prewashed prior to construction.
Our fabric is light-weight, warm and flexible. We wanted to keep the sheets as thin as possible to ensure a safe sleep environment and they don’t make any noise with baby’s movements either.
Quality Gutermann cotton is used to sew each sheet and you will notice beautiful French seams on each fitted sheet.
Our fitted sheets are fully hemmed and elasticated
to ensure a safe and snug fit on your mattress.
You can choose from our Cuddle & Coo Classic Range or have the freedom to have input into your sheet designs with our Cuddle & Coo Custom Range.
Fabric choices will be updated regularly to keep up to date with the latest trends for your nursery.
We offer a bassinet size, standard cot size and large cot size. Our sheets are also perfect for portable cots.
If you have an irregular shaped mattress please contact us and we will let you know if we can accommodate your request.

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