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Sheet Care
We have taken the time to source the best quality materials for your sheets. Please follow the care labels attached to your sheet for best care practices.
Avoid harsh soaps and soaking the sheets for prolonged periods of time.
Avoid washing the fitted sheet with other items of laundry that contain sharp or rough edges ie; zips, studs or harsh denim (this will reduce any chance of damage to the waterproofing material on your sheet.
Always ensure sheets are completely dry before storing them in your linen press
Safe Sleep
Cuddle & Coo strongly supports safe sleep practices.
Always put baby to sleep on their back and as far down to the base of the mattress as possible.
Avoid any unnecessary clutter within the sleep environment.
Ensure baby is dressed appropriately for weather conditions.
 How many sheets do I need?

We suggest that you have a sheet on your bassinet/cot,another in the wash and a spare in the linen press.

A lot of parents/carers opt for sleeping bags and swaddle suits for their little ones, so if this is you, then a fitted sheet is all you need.
Is your sheet purchase a gift?
We can giftwrap your sheets and include a gorgeous handmade gift card from Adelaide’s own One Upon A time with your own personalised message. We will then send the sheets directly to the gift recipient (minus any pricing/invoice information).
This service is offered for an additional $7.95 and can be done at checkout. Please let us know which card you would like included and your personal message.
If you would prefer to send an e-giftcard to a recipient to order their own sheets via our website this can also be arranged.
Sheet Sizes
Our fitted sheets are based on the following measurements in standard rectangular sizes. If your cot mattress does not fall within these dimensions exactly or is an irregular shape, please send us a message and we will let you know as soon as possible if we can accommodate your request. Check the label on your mattress for the most accurate dimensions.
Bassinet 80 x 41 x 2cm
Standard 69 x 130 x 10cm
Large Cot 77 x 133 x 10cm

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